Strategise, to Roadmap

40-60 days

Co-founding team work with your executives to identify a company wide roadmap and high impact opportunities for AI in weeks.


Prototype, to Validation

8 weeks

Our data scientists will work on your data, explore the possibilities and build prototype models. Technical and business metrics can be defined, impact estimated.


Deploy, to Engine

3 months

Leveraging our proprietary Bedrock platform, we deploy a production-grade, high throughput, real-time AI engine that can be easily integrated to power your systems with AI.


Sustain, and Learn

Over years

BasisAI will continue to manage and ensure the reliability and performance of the AI engine. Ensuring that the AI engines continue to learn to realise the true potential of AI.

End to End Develop­ment

From algorithms to architecture
From algorithms to architecture

Many organisations have embarked on a journey of digital transformation but realise they need real time intelligence to power their products and experiences. Many have realised AI algorithms as experiments are just math, and pilots don’t easily evolve into live engines that power user experiences or back-end systems that move terabytes and petabytes of data. Productionising AI requires modern software engineering and big data capabilities to convert algorithms into containerised micro-services which continue to remain performant even when handling massive training data, complex deep learning algorithms and high throughput demand for real-time predictions.

Too many solution providers offer generic pre-trained models that require you to pipe all of your data to some external black box, without sufficient customisation to your context. This limits the ability to maximise impact. With little visibility and accountability for algorithmic and availability metrics, these AI solutions might satisfy the need for “innovation theatre”, but aren’t set up for ongoing accountability and material impact on the business.

BasisAI’s approach is radically, refreshingly, and surprisingly different.

Complete lifecycle AI solution: from bespoke AI algorithms, to production-grade AI application, and ongoing multi-year management.
Rapid time to market: from your data to scalable, containerised deployment of real-time AI engine in weeks.
No black boxes. Built-in AI governance, fairness and compliance.
Retain control over your enterprise data, whether it is on AWS, GCP or another cloud infrastructure.

Leveraging your internal data teams for excellence.

Building centers of excellence and accelerating AI-powered data products

Many organisations have built data science and machine learning teams but struggle to have them deliver robust live systems that power their core products quickly enough to meet business needs. Often there is a gulf between data science and IT operations teams.

We leverage our Bedrock platform to provide a technology “paved road” for data scientists and DevOps teams to rapidly and robustly deploy and manage their machine learning products. This enables an organisation to effectively develop a centre of excellence for data and AI, and also to monetise their data by developing a range of production-grade data products.

AI / Data Science Centre-of-Excellence development
Bedrock deployment and training
Architecture for data product monetisation

Advisory & Enablement

Business transformation through machine learning.

Many organisations don’t know where to get started with AI. The hype, mythology and what you read in the Harvard Business Review or The Economist do not help with strategic but actionable plans for technology execution.

Our team provides advisory and strategic guidance for ambitious enterprises who want to move to the next stage in their AI journey. With the unparalleled experience, judgement and technical expertise of the co-founding team, we are able to cut through the hype, bridge between your business imperatives, the realities of your existing data architecture and get to implementable high ROI solutions in months that launch you into a path of a longer multi-year AI transformation journey. Nowhere outside of the Silicon Valley big tech companies will you find comparable technical leadership expertise.

Through exploratory use case sessions and system design workshops, we get our hands dirty with your data to anchor the possibilities in reality, and focus on the capability building required in order to accelerate AI adoption and transform your business through advanced analytics and machine learning.

Roadmap development
Team development
System Design