Governments are responsible for providing essential services to a large citizen base - they cannot pick their customers. AI enables personalisation of services for the entire citizenry and allows governments to live up to expectations in the digital age. The public sector also has the difficult task of enforcing regulation and ensuring compliance whilst providing a smooth citizen experience. With advanced intelligence, these multiple objectives can be achieved with a data-driven risk assessment framework.

Adaptive Educational Experiences

Tailored educational experiences for students as well as lifelong learning with personalised content and customised training pathways are now possible with digital online platforms.
This is possible when using algorithms to orchestrate the interaction with the learner and then deliver customized content to address the learner’s needs, including just-in-time feedback.

Anticipatory Services

Governments can now be more proactive, offering services and notifications to citizens both in context and when they need it, and nudging behaviours with positive externalities.
Integrate conversational intelligence into public services, with the aim of making them more anticipatory, accessible, engaging and inclusive for citizens and constituents.

Risk Management & Compliance

Regulators and tax authorities often have to deal with high volume cases and assess which are at greatest risk of non-compliance or malfeasance. With machine learning, it becomes possible to risk classify cases as they stream in in real-time, allowing for pre-processing triage and intervention. Agencies can also reduce checks for low-risk cases to enhance the citizen experience for many.

Safety & Security Management

From national security to emergency response, government agencies are constantly searching for the best ways to protect and defend their citizens. Machine learning-based solutions can tackle these challenges.
Using voluminous structured and unstructured data, such as social media monitoring, computer vision and data annotation, government agencies are now able to extract information to aid with terrorist surveillance, monitor national security threats and emergencies, and support law enforcement.

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