Financial Services

Financial Services

Hyper-personalised customer experience, increased operational efficiency, improved decision making and explainability - AI is now a serious differentiator within FSI. With growing regulatory demands and ever-increasing competition, we can help you tap into large sources of structured and unstructured data to help you stay ahead.



Machine learning is increasingly shaping the buying and selling experience for both consumers and retailers, adding both intelligence and personalisation to the way we purchase and trade goods and services. Leverage voluminous and unstructured data to deliver unparalleled, hyper-personalised customer experiences whilst maximising profitability.



AI is driving the next evolutionary phase for travel, transport and mobility, helping connect people to people, places and experiences. As cities and districts grow more connected and instrumented with sensors, the possibilities for artificial intelligence to improve energy efficiency, liveability and mobility grows exponentially. Real-time intelligence allows for cities and districts to evolve and organically self-organise in a data driven way.



Governments are responsible for providing essential services to a large citizen base - they cannot pick their customers. AI enables personalisation of services for the entire citizenry and allows governments to live up to expectations in the digital age. The public sector also has the difficult task of regulation and ensuring compliance whilst providing a smooth citizen experience. With advanced intelligence, these multiple objectives can be achieved with a data-driven risk assessment framework.

From concept to execution

Get to live applications within months, a pathway to sustained ROI from AI over years.


Strategise, to Roadmap

40-60 days

Co-founding team work with your executives to identify a company wide roadmap and high impact opportunities for AI in weeks.


Prototype, to Validation

8 weeks

Our data scientists will work on your data, explore the possibilities and build prototype models. Technical and business metrics can be defined, impact estimated.


Deploy, to Engine

3 months

Leveraging our proprietary Bedrock platform, we deploy a production-grade, high throughput, real-time AI engine that can be easily integrated to power your systems with AI.


Sustain, and Learn

Over years

BasisAI will continue to manage and ensure the reliability and performance of the AI engine. Ensuring that the AI engines continue to learn to realise the true potential of AI.