Take your data-driven enterprise to the next level with augmented intelligence.
From algorithms to architecture, BasisAI manages the end to end development of real-time, scalable and responsible AI systems.

Our Approach

End to End Development
End to End Development
Complete lifecycle AI solution: from bespoke AI algorithms, to production-grade AI application, and ongoing multi-year management.
Rapid time to market: from your data to scalable, containerised deployment of real-time AI engine in weeks.
No black boxes. Built-in AI governance, fairness and compliance.
Retain control over your enterprise data, whether it is on AWS, GCP or another cloud infrastructure.

Democratise data and empower your organisation

We provide strategic guidance in building the right structures, frameworks and technologies, giving you a path to long-term scalability.

Through exploratory use case sessions and system design workshops, we help you to move beyond experiments and algorithms and have control over your own capability development.

Roadmap development
Team development
System Design

Accelerate through the data-AI continuum

Data and AI maturity
Data and AI maturity

Data collected and fused


Business intelligence, democratised

Advanced analytics

Insights, for key decisions

Real-time intelligence

Scalable, on-all-the-time

Responsible AI

Robust, trusted systems

Trusted partner to enterprises

Bespoke AI solutions specific to your business


Deploy AI responsibly with end to end machine learning platform, Bedrock. Accelerate the deployment of machine learning systems. Experiment, deploy and govern within a single platform.

Productionised systems deployed in weeks, not months.

Bedrock accelerates the time taken to deploy machine learning models, and reduces technical debt for data science teams. If you’re deploying multiple models, it will save teams weeks of machine learning engineering effort each month.
Puneet Garg
Head of Data Science, Carousell

Taking care of business with responsible AI

AI adoption is inhibited by issues related to lack of governance, unintended consequences and an inability to explain the results that come out of an algorithm. BasisAI builds governable systems that are fair, explainable and auditable. Our frameworks, toolkits and platform are used by enterprises across industries who are employing responsible AI methods today.