BasisAI helps enterprises move to the next stage in their AI journey.
From algorithms to architecture, we manage the end to end development of scalable and responsible AI systems.

End to End Develop­ment

From algorithms to architecture
From algorithms to architecture
Complete lifecycle AI solution: from bespoke AI algorithms, to production-grade AI application, and ongoing multi-year management.
Rapid time to market: from your data to scalable, containerised deployment of real-time AI engine in weeks.
No black boxes. Built-in AI governance, fairness and compliance.
Retain control over your enterprise data, whether it is on AWS, GCP or another cloud infrastructure.

Not sure where to start?

Our team provides advisory and strategic guidance for ambitious enterprises who want to move to the next phase of data and AI maturity.

Through exploratory use case sessions and system design workshops, we focus on the capability building required in order to accelerate AI adoption and transform your organisation through machine learning.

Roadmap development
Team development
System Design

Move to the next phase of AI maturity

Data and AI maturity
Data and AI maturity
Trusted systems

Transparency and accountability over AI systems.

Real-time Learning engines

Real-time learning engines powering your product or operations.

Experiments with Algorithms

AI models built, their impact understood, but little real impact on the business and technology stack.


Dashboards and well-defined metrics that democratise access to insight.


Structured and unstructured data collected in data warehouses and data lakes.

Tailored Industry Solutions

Accelerate and govern with Bedrock OS

Faster time to market for real-time, massive scale AI engines

Faster time to market for real-time, massive scale AI engines

  • Fast end to end deployments from trained model to live engines - in minutes, not months
  • Automate machine learning workflows to enhance machine learning engineer productivity
  • Production deployments at scale
Transparency and accountability of AI in production

Transparency and accountability of AI in production

  • Single pane of glass for all parts of the ML workflow
  • Ongoing model improvement by closing the algorithmic feedback loop
MLOps provides robust managed cloud infrastructure for machine learning

MLOps provides robust managed cloud infrastructure for machine learning

  • Cloud agnostic, works on all major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Automation of cloud workloads through infrastructure-as-code
  • SLAs of 99.5% availability of AI application endpoints
  • CIS compliant SaaS platform

Providing the guide rails for rapid and responsible AI deployments

Bedrock accelerates the time taken to deploy machine learning models, and reduces technical debt for data science teams. If you’re deploying multiple models, it will save teams weeks of machine learning engineering effort each month.
Puneet Garg
Head of Data Science, Carousell

Explainable and Fair AI

AI adoption is inhibited by issues related to lack of governance, unintended consequences and an inability to explain the results that come out of an algorithm. BasisAI builds governable systems that are fair, explainable and auditable. Our frameworks, toolkits and platform are used by enterprises across industries who are employing responsible AI methods today.